Combined Sewer Overflow Public Notifications

Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) public notifications will be posted to this page according to 314 CMR 16.04.

When a discharge or overflow occurs, The CIty of Chicopee will send out a public advisory notification.  On business days, this website will be updated within 18 hours of the notification.  During weekends or holidays, this website will be updated on the next business day. 

You can also see a list of discharge and overflow events on the MassDEP website (link below). This list is updated within 24 hours of when the public advisory notification is sent.  Enter CHICOPEE in the Permittee field and click “Search”. 

CSO Public Notification Clearinghouse Website- MassDEP 

The fastest way to get information is to sign up to receive public advisory notifications. To sign up, please send an email request to:

Quinn Lonczak- Project Supervisor-

For a map showing locations of the City's combined sewer outfalls with their NPDES numbers, please follow the below link:

Map of CSOs in Massachusetts

For the contents of the City's long-term CSO control plan and Integrated Management Plan, please follow this link:

Final Long Term Control Plan

Integrated Management Plan 2018 Update

For the City's previous annual NPDES CSO reports, please follow the below links:

CSO Annual Report- 2020

Discharge Data:

 Per State Law 314 CMR 16 which went into effect July 6th, the City of Chicopee is providing the following public notifications:

 The following combined sewer overflows located on the Connecticut River had discharges during and after storm in the evening of 7/28/22:

  • CSO 024- Exchange Street Pumping Station
  • CSO 003- James/Syrek Streets
  • CSO 004- Riverview Pumping Station
  • CSO 005- Leslie Street Pumping Station
  • CSO 007- Jones Ferry Road Pumping Station

 The following combined sewer overflows located on the Chicopee River had discharges during and after storm in the evening 7/28/22:

  • CSO 026- 449 Front Street
  • CSO 027- 510 Front Street
  • CSO 032B- Main Street West of Deady Bridge
  • CSO 037- 227 East Main Street
  • CSO 034- Grattan/Hearthstone
  • CSO 042- 295 Irene Street

 The following facilities discharged partially or blended sewage to the Connecticut River during and after the storm in the evening of 7/28/22:

  • Chicopee WWTP @ 80 Medina Street
  • Jones Ferry Pumping Station

 Approximate date and time the discharges began is unknown. Approximate duration is unknown. Approximate volume is unknown.

Permittee is City of Chicopee NPDES MA010508

At the current time of notification, all discharges have ceased. Approximate time of cessation is unknown

Waterbodies affected- Connecticut River, Chicopee River

Land areas affected- Chicopee, Holyoke, Springfield, West Springfield, Longmeadow, Agawam

These discharges consist of untreated and/or partially treated sewage and waste.

 Avoid contact with these water bodies for 48 hours after the discharge or overflow ceases due to increased health risks from bacteria and other pollutants.

 CSOs occur in areas with combined sewer systems. They were designed to protect the system and prevent sewage backups from occurring in homes. They occur with regularity during and after rain events. 

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