DEPARTMENT OF Human Resources 

HR Insignia 7-29-19 (07-23-19)

Making a Difference!

                                         Duties & Responsibilities

The Department of Human Resources is committed to providing the City of Chicopee's municipal employees with a safe, positive and productive work environment.
The HR Department responsible for:
  • Recruiting and hiring to meet the needs of vacancies within the City
  • Responding to the needs of the City's workforce through compliance, strategic planning, and workforce development
  • Addressing City HR issues in an objective, supportive, and fair manner
  • Administering the City's policies, procedures, and best practices 
  • Updating, maintaining, and distributing workplace conduct guidelines and municipal policies
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Maintaining regulatory compliance
  • Providing employees with third-party guidance and/or support when necessary
  • Scheduling activities to promote teamwork, cooperation, continuous improvement, and progressive development

Employment Opportunities

If you are interested in a position with the City of Chicopee, please check out the Chicopee Careers page for current opportunities or call the Department of Human Resources directly.