Council on Aging

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Every Thursday the EastField Mall Covid-19 vaccination site in Springfield will have more appointments available. Appointments go fast so if you need assistance we encourage you to ask your family and friends in advance. The RiverMills Staff is also here to help, however the waiting time may vary due to a large number of Chicopee seniors we are currently assisting.

To schedule your appointment use this link:

The vaccine is free but you will still need to provide your health insurance information. Have you card ready before you begin scheduling your appointment.

iPad Lending Prgram

RiverMills Center has a tablet lending program for Chicopee seniors ages 55 and older who have internet access, but do not have an updated device to get on the internet. These tablets can be used to get online, play games, or join Zoom programming.

This program allows seniors to sign out a device for up to 3 weeks at a time. The tablets will also have charging and typing accessories, as well as a basic user guide.

If you know a Chicopee senior who could use a tablet please contact Program Technician Jona Ruiz at 534-3698 ext.104 or

Here is our free iPad Guide! 

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RiverMills Curbside Pick-Up Menu

RiverMills will continue to offer its curbside meal pick-up program through the winter. Meals are available Monday through Friday and cost $3. Meals must be reserved at least a day before by calling 534-3698. You must give your name and phone number and confirm you are an older adult who lives in Chicopee. Due to the cold temperatures, meals will be distributed between 1 to 2 p.m. starting in January. If you’re in line after 2 p.m. you will not be turned away. Thank you for your understanding. Please pick up your meal by going down the hill and around to the back entrance. The meals are cooked on site, but must be heated up again at home.

In case of snow, please go to WWLP Channel 22 to see if the meal program has been cancelled for that day. Or, go to our Facebook page by searching for RiverMills Center Chicopee Council on Aging. Meal cancellations will also be posted on our page of the city website at

Please Bring the Correct Change to Pay for Your Meals.

With the colder weather upon us, we ask that you would keep our staff in mind and bring the correct dollar amount when paying for your meal/s. This will help us to speed up the curbside pick-up process and make it easier for our staff who will be working in the colder weather. We appreciate your understanding. Thank you.

Here is the RiverMills Curbside Pick- Up menu for next 2 week (meals are subject to change). You must call to place your order: 534-3698.

Monday, 3/8 - Chicken Parm with Ziti and Mixed veggies

Tuesday- Boneless Pork Chops with Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Peas

Wednesday- Ham and Cheese Grinder w/Bag of Chips

Thursday- American Chop Suey

Friday- Shrimp Stir Fry w/Rice

Weekend meal- Hot Dog and Beans

*Weekend meal must be requested when ordering.

*Please bring the correct change to pay for your meals.

Monday, 3/15 - Beef Ravioli w/Broccoli

Tuesday- Chicken Thighs w/Rice & Veggies

Wednesday- Corn Beef Dinner, Dessert is sponsored by Touching Hearts at Home

Thursday- Salisbury Steak w/Mashed Potatoes & Veggies

Friday- Stuffed Shells w/Veggies

Weekend meal- Hot Dog and Beans

*Weekend meal must be requested when ordering.

*Please bring the correct change to pay for your meals.

Download Menu for weeks of 3/08-3/19/2021

RiverMills Programming On Zoom  

Though RiverMills Center remains closed to the public, we are rolling out programming via Zoom. Our goal is to make this transition as simple as possible for our members. If you would like to participate but are unfamiliar with Zoom, our Program Technician can help you get connected. To schedule an appointment for assistance, please call Jona at 413-534-3698 ext.104, or send an email to: 

Note: Though you can use Zoom without a camera some programming will require a camera. Call Jona for more details. 

For a list of this months programs and Zoom links visit our RiverMills Reminder Newsletter page.

Dial-A-Lawyer: Free Legal Advice by Phone for Elders

The Massachusetts Bar Association sponsors a monthly Dial-A-Lawyer program and encourages members of the public to call our hotline for free legal advice. Dial-A-Lawyer attorney volunteers are in good standing and have a wide variety of legal experience.

On the first Wednesday of every month, from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m., attorneys are available at (617) 338-0610 or (877) 686-0711 to answer questions on a variety of topics, including family law, bankruptcy, employment, estate planning, real estate, consumer rights and more.

Questions? Contact the MBA Community Service Department at (617) 338-0695 or via email at

End with Care Free Webinars 

end Care

End With Care is an educational resource that provides and promotes public, professional, and institutional awareness of end-of-life care issues. They present valuable information and offer an easy to use directory of care and service providers throughout Massachusetts, to assist individuals, their loved ones, and caregivers with end-of-life needs.

End with Care is introducing the first of their new free webinars and invite you to view: Advance Care Planning: "The What, Why, and How to speak for yourself...even if you're unable to speak for yourself." Delivered on-demand through their website, this free webinar is pre-recorded, so viewers can watch anytime that’s convenient for them. To start click the link below:

Chicopee Senior Transportation

The Transportation Department at RiverMills Center is doing rides to supermarkets, pharmacies, and doctor’s appointments. Riders must adhere to new passenger safety standards. See below for more information. Please reach out to our Transportation Department if you have a transportation need at 536-5733. Please leave a message and someone will get back to you.

The RiverMills Center Transportation Department follows the CDC and State Standards for drivers, passengers and vehicle safety. The following outlines those guidelines.

 1. Non-contagious medical appointments and grocery shopping etc.

2. Only 1 passenger (with 1 companion) is allowed in the vehicle at a time.

3. Passenger MUST wear a mask and use hand sanitizer BEFORE entering the vehicle.

4. Driver will take passenger’s temperature with a non-contact thermometer.

5. Passengers with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher will not be allowed to ride in the vehicle.

6. All vehicles are cleaned and disinfected before and after each passenger.

The Chicopee Council on Aging receives Federal Older Americans Act Funding from local Area Agency on Aging, West Mass Elder Care, the State Executive Office of Elder Affairs, and the Federal Administration for Community Living. 

Duties & Responsibilities

The duties of the Council on Aging are to: 
  • Identify the needs of older adults 55 years or older & their younger spouses residing in the City
  • Educate the community & City officials
  • Enlist the support & participation of all citizens concerning those needs
  • Design, promote, & implement services to fill those needs

Services & Grants

The Council also coordinates existing services in the City & promotes & supports other programs which are designed to assist older adults in the community. The Council identifies funding sources, applies for appropriate grants, & administers grant-funded programs.

The Council on Aging must be aware of state & federal legislation concerning funding, information, exchange, & program planning to improve community programming for older adults.

Areas of Assistance

The Senior Center is committed to assisting and improving the quality of life for older adults in the areas of:
  • Community service
  • Good health maintenance
  • Lifelong learning
  • Mobility
  • Recreation
  • Related informational services