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Holyoke Health Center will be hosting a one-day COVID-19 vaccine clinic at RiverMills Center, 5 West Main St., Chicopee, on September 23rd from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. To register for the clinic, click on the link below. Anyone who has difficulty registering may call RiverMills Center for assistance at 534-3698. The clinic will accept walk-ins that day until 1 p.m.

The clinic will offer first shots of the Pfizer vaccine, and 3rd dose shots of the Moderna vaccine for immunocompromised people. Holyoke Health Center will return to RiverMills Center on October 14th to administer the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine for those who receive their first dose on September 23rd. Immunocompromised people include the following: anyone getting cancer treatment, HIV active, recent stem cell transplant, and anyone taking daily steroids of 20 mg or greater. 

Registration Link:


Curbside Meal Pick-up Continues.                                           Congregate Meal Dining Postponed.

The reopening of RiverMills Center’s indoor congregate meal program that was scheduled to begin on September 7th has been postponed until further notice due to rising COVID-19 numbers. The center’s curbside meal pick-up program will continue. The opening of the congregate meal program will be reviewed again at the end of September. Our goal is to keep everyone safe. We appreciate your understanding and promise to keep you posted

Meal pick-up is between 1 to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday. The cost is $3. Reservations must be made at least a day before by calling 534-3698. Meals are available to older adults who live in Chicopee. The meals are cooked on site, but must be heated up again at home.

Meal Cancellation/”No-Show” Policy                                                    For Curbside Meal Pick-up Program

RiverMills Center instituted a Meal Cancellation/”No-Show” Policy months ago in response to people who order meals but do not pick them up. The problem is ongoing and results in lost revenue and wasted food.

Meal cancellations must be received by 4 p.m. the day before. You will be charged for meals you don’t pick up. With that said, we do understand that emergencies occur, and in that case please call us the next day to let us know what happened. It is your responsibility to remember when you have ordered a meal and to call us if you need to cancel. Moving forward, anyone who fails to pick up a meal three times (without an emergency excuse) won’t be able to participate in the program any longer. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

RiverMills Visiting Guidelines

· All visitors to RiverMills must sign a waiver their first time back to the center. Waivers are available at the main reception desk downstairs.

· Unvaccinated people must wear a mask. Vaccinated people do not have to wear a mask, but should do whatever makes them feel comfortable. CDC guidelines may change due to COVID-19 variants.

· Registration is required for most programs. Fitness classes are now being held inside the building and registration is required.

· All visitors must sign in at the kiosk with their swipe card.

 Participant applications are available at the main reception desk.

· Fitness renewals/waivers must be updated in order to participate in exercise classes and use the gym.

· All programming is subject to change due to the ongoing pandemic. Cancellations may occur.


Flu Shot  flier-04

Vaccine Appointments for Our Homebound Residents

Vaccine appointments for our HOMEBOUND residents! Please call the following number to sign upfor an in-home vaccine appointment. Eligibility criteria applies. Offered by Commonwealth Care Alliance,use this centralized state call number: 1-833-983-0485.

iPad Lending Prgram

RiverMills Center Tablet Lending Program now has more tablets available for lending. If you are a Chicopee senior with internet access who needs an updated device, or if you are thinking of buying a new tablet but are not sure what to get. You can borrow one of our iPads for up to 3 weeks! These tablets can be used to get online, play games, or join Zoom programming. The tablets will also have charging and typing accessories, as well as a user's guide.

If you are a Chicopee senior who could use a tablet please contact Program Technician Jona Ruiz at 534-3698 ext.104 or send an email to

Here is our free iPad Guide! 

Dial-A-Lawyer: Free Legal Advice by Phone for Elders

The Massachusetts Bar Association sponsors a monthly Dial-A-Lawyer program and encourages members of the public to call our hotline for free legal advice. Dial-A-Lawyer attorney volunteers are in good standing and have a wide variety of legal experience.

On the first Wednesday of every month, from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m., attorneys are available at (617) 338-0610 or (877) 686-0711 to answer questions on a variety of topics, including family law, bankruptcy, employment, estate planning, real estate, consumer rights and more.

Questions? Contact the MBA Community Service Department at (617) 338-0695 or via email at

Chicopee Senior Transportation

The RiverMills Center Transportation Department follows the CDC and State Standards for drivers, passengers and vehicle safety.

1.Passenger MUST wear a mask and use hand sanitizer BEFORE entering the vehicle.

2. All vehicles are cleaned and disinfected before and after each passenger.

Round Trip Transportation Fees

$1 – Chicopee Senior Center

$2 – Anywhere in Chicopee

$4 – Springfield and West Springfield, Holyoke and South Hadley

The Chicopee Council on Aging receives Federal Older Americans Act Funding from local Area Agency on Aging, West Mass Elder Care, the State Executive Office of Elder Affairs, and the Federal Administration for Community Living. 

Duties & Responsibilities

The duties of the Council on Aging are to: 
  • Identify the needs of older adults 55 years or older & their younger spouses residing in the City
  • Educate the community & City officials
  • Enlist the support & participation of all citizens concerning those needs
  • Design, promote, & implement services to fill those needs

Services & Grants

The Council also coordinates existing services in the City & promotes & supports other programs which are designed to assist older adults in the community. The Council identifies funding sources, applies for appropriate grants, & administers grant-funded programs.

The Council on Aging must be aware of state & federal legislation concerning funding, information, exchange, & program planning to improve community programming for older adults.

Areas of Assistance

The Senior Center is committed to assisting and improving the quality of life for older adults in the areas of:
  • Community service
  • Good health maintenance
  • Lifelong learning
  • Mobility
  • Recreation
  • Related informational services
The Chicopee Council on Aging receives Federal Older Americans Act funding from local Area Agency on Aging, WestMass Elder Care, the State Executive Office of Elder Affairs, and the Federal Administration for Community Living.